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Questions about kombucha?

We've got ya covered!

Q - What is Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented, naturally fizzy probiotic beverage. Traditionally, it is made from sweetened green or black tea and a SCOBY. You can read more about kombucha in our blog post!

Q - What is a SCOBY

A SCOBY is a Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast and is the living home to the healthy bacteria that transforms sweet tea into a naturally fizzy, probiotic kombucha tea. Want to know more? Read our blog post.

Q - My SCOBY looks funny, Is this mould?

Mould on a SCOBY is very rare and most likely something that you'll never have to deal with. Yeast growth can often be confused with mould, especially with beginning brewers. Not to worry, this is completely normal. Yeast works together with the bacteria and often attaches itself inside the layers of the SCOBY. This can look like bunches of bubbly, stringy blobs of black, blue, green, brown, white and yellow. Although it may look like mould, its not! It's all healthy and a part of the fermentation process. When a SCOBY does grow mould, it will look just like the mould you find on bread, and yogurt. Although this is very rare, if it appears, do not try to save your kombucha or your culture. Throw it away, start over and don't think twice about it.


Q - What kind of tea can I use?

To make kombucha, you need to use a base of Green, Black, White or Oolong tea. At Sorsa, we like using a blend of green and black tea. You can buy our Sorsa Original Organic Tea Blend in our shop.

Q - How much tea & sugar do I need to make a batch of kombucha?

The basic kombucha recipe for a 3L batch of kombucha is:

  • 3L filtered water
  • 15g green or black tea
  • 170g-360g sugar
    • We use 240g organic cane sugar
  • 300mL starter tea

Q - Return Policy

If you are experiencing brewing issues, please keep your SCOBY and get in touch with us. We can help you figure out whats going wrong and get you back brewing in no time. Please do not throw away your culture. We can only issue a refund or an exchange if you still have your SCOBY.

We will gladly accept returns of damaged goods. Please get in touch with us and we will organise an exchange or a refund.