Our Story

The Sorsa Story

Sophia has always allowed creativity to dictate her direction. After earning a master’s degree in Environmental Design & Engineering from UCL in London, she worked as a Sustainability Consultant for a renewable energy startup. Her work in this field was driven by the desire to blur the boundaries between the built environment and natural environment.

Her love for nature and the environment pushed her to start Sorsa Kombucha with the hope of bringing this delicious naturally fizzy drink to communities both near and far.

Sophia’s love for kombucha began in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. Creating and sharing food has always been at the heart of Sophia's home and Appalachian culture is defined by community, so brewing kombucha was something that felt so natural.

Sophia's Nonna was brewing kombucha back in the 80's and Sophia loved hearing the stories of her Nonna travelling around with her "kombucha mushroom", brewing kombucha tea and sharing it with her friends. Her Mother gave her a love for cooking and taught her the connection between food and health. Fermentation caught her eye while in school and she became fascinated with the abundance of life happening all around her, unseen. These special sources inspired her to start brewing her own kombucha when she was 15 years old. She fell in love with the cycle of brewing the mother brew and growing the new baby SCOBY - With each new batch, she was able to share a SCOBY with a neighbour or give a bottle of the finished brew to a friend, connecting her closer to her community and to nature.

When Sophia moved from West Virginia to London, she was surprised to find that kombucha was hard to come by. The few options available lacked the intensity of flavour and acidity that she knew and loved. On a trip home to West Virginia, she took clippings from her sister's SCOBY so she could start brewing again when she got back to London. After a few years of brewing in her tiny apartment and sharing her batch brews with friends, she decided to turn her passion into a business and created Sorsa Kombucha. 

Sorsa Kombucha was founded to go beyond just selling probiotic tea but to create a kombucha culture across communities. The sharing of SCOBY’s and the sharing of flavour combinations weaves a thread of community into the act of brewing Kombucha.

Sorsa Kombucha sells kombucha brewing kits to to encourage others to try something new and to help people to form connections to their food. Kombucha is full of natural health benefits and making it yourself is an empowering experience that you can't get from a commercially bottled alternative.

Our SCOBYs are made with organic products, homegrown and cared for by hand. We are thrilled to be working with other small businesses to support our local communities and we are excited to share our love of making kombucha with friends and neighbours across the UK.

Sorsa Kombucha founder, Sophia, Holding a large Kombucha SCOBY
Made with love, from our home to yours.