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Storing your Kombucha SCOBY Cultures

SCOBY Hotels are great to make when you build up a stock of SCOBYs or are wanting to take a break from brewing.

SCOBYs are hardy organisms that can happily remain in stasis if stored properly. By storing your SCOBYs in a ‘hotel’ they will be ready to dive straight back into brewing when you are.

Creating a SCOBY Hotel is simple and you can easily create one using the following steps:

Start by prepping a jar the way you would when you brew kombucha. You can rinse it with non chlorinated boiling water or by curing with distilled vinegar or kombucha vinegar.

Then, you just need to whip up a batch of sweet tea and follow the normal steps (wait for it to cool). Add your starter tea and your collection of SCOBYs, cover the jar with a cloth and store in a relatively dark area at room temperature.

Voilà! you have yourself a SCOBY Hotel.

Take care to ensure your SCOBY(s) are always fully submerged in liquid. If the liquid in your jar ever dips low or exposes your SCOBY(s), just top it off with more sweet tea or even just a sugar syrup (a ratio of 800ml water and 200g sugar) this will keep your SCOBY hotel running for months.

We do not recommend refrigerating your SCOBY(s). This will make the healthy bacteria sluggish and overtime can harm the health and quality of your SCOBY, which will eventually lead to mould.

Feb 27, 2020

I have just finished making my first batch of Komboocha, which tastes wonderful, my Scooby has a purple bit attached to it, should I remove this before storing my Scooby?


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