Learn how to brew kombucha with our organic kombucha kits that guarantee a delicious brewing experience

At Sorsa Kombucha, we bring quality and creativity together to produce our kombucha brewing kits. We delight in empowering people to learn how to make their own kombucha. Brewing kombucha brings communities closer together and closer to nature.

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I absolutely LOVE my Kit. It was so easy to get started and the quality is great!


SO GOOD! All the items were packed with care and you can tell a lot of thought went into the detailed instructions. It's been made easy for someone like me, who has never brewed kombucha before, to get going and make a really tasty batch. Looking forward to trying different variations to get the taste just right. Seems like I'll be able to keep going and make a lot from this kit


AHH!! So happy with my Sorsa SCOBY. This baby brews the most delicious kombucha. Your tea blend is super delishh